Dish rack features
2019-03-26 08:27:18

1. The dish rack adopts the upper and lower double-layer design. The upper layer can hold more than ten plates, and the sinking can hold 20-30 bowls.

  2, dish rack drawer type drain design, you can dump the drained water directly, it is very convenient to clean, and the material used is made of PP material, there will be no harmful substances, it is clean and hygienic Requirements.

  3, some dish racks are also designed with hanging chopsticks tube, which can be easily disassembled to clean the bottom hole and drain design, can accommodate the chopsticks used by the family, and refuse to refuse bacteria.

  4. Whether it is a thick square or a thick circular cutting board, it can be placed on the dish rack, and the thickened cutting board will not fall on it. The inner core is designed to ensure uniform reception of the dish rack.

  5. The cascading button design under the dish rack is surrounded by loving fences on both sides, which can easily accommodate two bowls to meet the needs of a family.

  6. The anti-slip mat made of environmentally friendly PP material not only prevents the dish rack from scratching the countertop, but also isolates the water stain on the countertop and increases the stability of the dish rack.